Sorry for my absence. I’ve been in the care of our fantastic NHS


Yes, the considerable gap in posting anything on this blog has been enforced in part by a long-standing health issue. It led to four operations last year, and another just a few weeks ago. A cycle of – operation – pain – recovery – low mood – operation again – has been my life for quite some time.

The thing is though, without our NHS I don’t know how I’d have managed. Indeed, I could never have afforded private care as the health insurance premiums would have been through the roof. After all, who would insure someone who was always needing hospital care?

So what about the care I received on the NHS? From my local GP practice, through to the operating theatre, via consultant, ward, pre-assessment, blood tests and more, it was nothing short of excellent. The only thing I never truly grasped, was why there was such a complicated system to dispense Tramadol upon my discharge from hospital.

What did become very apparent, was the dedication of all the staff in spite of the visible pressure. Frankly, there didn’t seem to be enough nurses or medical staff on the wards; and on one occasion I spent four hours in the recovery room because there was nowhere else for me to go.

The impact of funding cuts, and the lack of beds is clearly a serious issue. But it certainly isn’t going to be solved by more so-called efficiency savings and yet more private sector involvement in the NHS. From what I saw the staff were already working flat out, and only additional resources (and I include in that resources for more effective social care) will make a difference. Something tells me though that the Chancellor is not going to be very helpful come the spring budget.

As for me, well hopefully my medical problems are behind me. My biggest fear however, especially as the Tories seem to have consolidated their likelihood of staying in power, is that by the time my grandchildren are all grown up, our health service may be all but gone.