if the tories wanted workers to have a fairer share, then they wouldn’t undermine trade unions

Osborne really is a nasty little man. He has that annoying habit of winding me up, simply by opening his mouth.

He said today that he still wants to press ahead with cuts to tax credits. No surprise there, but his justification was just poppycock.

First he blames unelected Labour and Lib Dem peers for the government’s defeat in the Lords, completely missing the point that all those Lords are unelected.

Then he bleats on about the government’s mandate to push through his tax credit cuts, conveniently ignoring the fact that two thirds of those who went to the polls in May didn’t actually vote Tory.

Next he says, rather smugly, that he wants a low tax, low welfare, high wage society. All very well, but if he and Cameron really wanted ordinary people to have a fairer share of our country’s wealth, they would encourage trade unions and collective bargaining. Instead, everything the Tories have done since the days of Thatcher has undermined effective union organisation. And they’re not finished yet.

Sadly, this government is only six months old. Just imagine life with another four and a half years of Osborne speak, let alone Osborne policy….


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