can 20 or more years of centre right policy be swept away by one person?

The ballot for Labour’s new leader is starting soon. Increasingly it looks like Jeremy Corbyn might win. So if he does, will he be able to change Labour’s policy as much as he would wish? Or putting it another way, will the election of a new leader set the policy and direction of the entire Labour party for the next five years?

Much as I would like to see Labour move to the left, I am somewhat intrigued by the thought that 20 years or more of centre-right neo-liberal policy can be swept away just by one person. But then again, if it can, what does that say about the state of democracy in the Labour Party? Surely the members have more say than just who they want to see as leader?

The coming weeks and months will not doubt provide answers….

Meanwhile I will be voting this month, but not for Labour’s new leader. Instead I will be voting to elect members of the Green Party executive; and then next month, helping to decide policy at the Green Party autumn conference.


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