i’ve tried imagining a bbc without farage

You may have heard this already, but on Thursday night, Nigel Farage will yet again appear on BBC Question Time. It seems that the BBC’s love-in with Farage is reaching new heights.

It was bad enough to witness their frenzy following UKIP’s second by-election victory. It was UKIP on breakfast news, UKIP on the radio, and UKIP on the six o’clock news., Farage was given every opportunity to make claims of future electoral success without any challenge or serious analysis.

Now they have two MP’s, I’m guessing it can only get worse. The BBC is surely seeing electoral success as further reason to put UKIP in front of the cameras. Meanwhile, the same BBC can barely bring itself to cover the Green party. How it must have hurt them to report that the Lib Dems finished behind the Greens in that by-election (but not the Greens beating the Lib Dems of course, that would mean being positive about the Green party).

Frankly I’ve had all I can take of this. So I’ve tried imagining a BBC without Farage. Just think of the heartache, confusion and panic at the BBC if UKIP announced that they were disbanding…. Sadly, it isn’t going to happen. So UKIP will get the publicity while the Green party is conveniently marginalised. Shame on the BBC. That’s it. Rant over.


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