it’s not just green party policies that make it different

The Green Party already stands out from the others with its refreshingly progressive policies, all decided by ordinary members. But the results of the Green Party Executive elections, announced today, show another striking difference to the LibLabCons.

Instead of the usual political clones preferred by the other parties, Green Party members have re-elected Natalie Bennett as leader; and elected Amelia Womack and Shahrar Ali as deputy leaders. Certain other executive posts have been filled on a job share basis, something I just can’t imagine the LibLabCons doing.

But the difference doesn’t stop here. Indeed, since I joined a few months ago I have been impressed by the Green Party’s democracy and the accessibility of its activists.  Something I simply didn’t experience with the Labour Party.

Of course social media has helped considerably. Without Twitter I probably wouldn’t know what other members are saying and doing in quite so much detail. And given that the Green Party is ignored by the mainstream media, I’d say social media is pretty much essential.

But despite this media blackout the Green Party is growing, and as a new member I’m delighted to be part of something different.


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