from labour party member to green voter

After previously being an active Labour party member, and even holding elected office as a Labour councillor, I will be voting for the Green Party on May 22nd.

I actually cancelled my Labour Party membership a number of years ago, after Tony Blair sent troops into Iraq. However, despite becoming increasingly dismayed by the direction New Labour was taking, I continued to vote Labour in elections.

Then in 2004 my dismay with the government turned to anger, and as a private protest I voted for the Green party in the European elections. To be honest, at the time I didn’t know a great deal about Green policies, but just enough to feel safe protesting in this way.

After that I went back to voting Labour in local and general elections. However, my interest in an alternative to the Labour party had been roused, and so I started to follow the Green party’s electoral fortunes. My next chance to vote Green was at the 2009 Euro elections which I still did, partly as a protest, but also because I found common cause with their policies.

In the 2010 general election there was no Green candidate in my constituency, and I was bracing myself for the expected Tory victory. For fun though I did one of those online tests of the party manifestos to see which party most matched my own views. To my surprise I came out as Green on every issue except one. After that I started to take things much more seriously, undertaking to look further into green politics.

Which is exactly what I did…

Today, the progressive policies of the Green Party, such as making the minimum wage a living wage, nationalising the railways, bringing schools back under democratic control, improving workers rights, investment in green jobs, regulating the banks and introducing a Robin Hood tax, set it well apart from the Labour party. So instead of voting Labour because they are a better alternative than the Tories (or those contemptuous Liberal Democrats) I can now vote Green because I support something worthwhile.


One thought on “from labour party member to green voter”

  1. You are definitely not alone. The Greens don’t win because people who support them don’t vote Green because they don’t think they can win. But this viscous cycle is ending. I proudly voted Green in this Euro Election and I can’t see myself voting Labour again.

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