policies not scapegoats

 There is much that needs fixing in this country….an end to low pay, tackling youth unemployment, reversing the cuts in public services, providing more affordable housing, eliminating child poverty, an end to zero hours contracts, regulation of bankers, putting right the damage that Gove has caused and giving teachers the respect they deserve, increasing investment in sustainable energy, improving our public transport, ensuring decent pensions, improving rights at work, tackling climate change, protecting our health service, etc…

My list could go on, but of what I am absolutely certain of is that cutting immigration will not achieve any of this. With net migration to the UK of 212,000 in a population of over 63 million, how could it ever? Blaming 0.3% of the population for the country’s problems is frankly nonsense.

Instead of scapegoats we need progressive polices to tackle the problems created by the coalition. Not the rhetoric of a nationalist and anti immigrant party that has common ground with fascist and far right parties across Europe.


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