is the BBC complicit in misinforming the voters?

The coverage devoted by the Farage Network, sorry I mean BBC, to UKIP is quite disturbing. They rarely challenge Farage, instead seeming more interested in his jovial personality. Sure, they point out that some UKIP candidates have posted racist and other bigoted statements on social media, but will they question his policies? Apparently not.

But the BBC could easily open up gaps in UKIP policy. For example, what will the the act of voting UKIP in the European elections actually achieve? It will not bring us out of Europe. That simply is not in UKIP’s gift (thankfully) or indeed within the power of any MEP. As the BBC and UKIP know, any decision over continued EU membership is down to the UK parliament. So why are they being treated like a major party rather than a party of protest who can achieve nothing in Europe?

Indeed, UKIP MEPs seem to do very little when they get to Strasbourg, having as they do a particularly poor attendance record. They do however appear to take advantage of their MEP’s expenses and salaries.

So where am I going with all this? Well, basically, anyone who votes UKIP in the hope that they will be standing up for Britain, is in my view, being misled; and sadly from what I’ve seen our BBC, on the face of it, seems content to let this happen.



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